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The Barbed Wire Kiss



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When a young widow witnesses a fatal car accident outside a Jersey Shore motel, she's suddenly thrust into a nightmare of gang violence, guns, and money that she can't outrun in this action-packed novel by "one of the best writers in crime fiction" (Alison Gaylin).​

Joette Harper's life brings new meaning to the phrase "paycheck to paycheck." Struggling to afford her mother's sky-high medical bills and also keep the lights on in her trailer home, Joette needs a break.

So, when she spies a bag full of money amongst the wreckage of a fiery car accident, she knows she can't just let it be. Inside is a bounty better than she could have dreamed—just shy of $300,000 in neatly stacked hundreds and fifties.

But, of course, the missing briefcase didn't go unnoticed by its original owner, Travis Clay—a ruthless dealer who'll stop at nothing to get back what's his. Joette is way out of her depth, but can't seem to stop herself from participating in this cat-and-mouse chase. But can she beat Travis at his own game?

Praise for HEAVEN'S A LIE (Click on review links for full reviews)

""I've been reading Wallace Stroby for years and he never disappoints."

– LAWRENCE BLOCK, bestselling author of the Matt Scudder series

"A masterpiece. This is a honed razor of a thriller. "

– MATTHEW QUIRK, bestselling author of THE 500 and THE NIGHT AGENT

"Tight, taut, and terrifying. In HEAVEN'S A LIE, the action blisters along at a furious pace."

– KATHY REICHS, bestselling author of the Temperance Brennan BONES series

"Stroby always delivers."


"Wallace Stroby is one of the best writers in crime fiction, and he outdoes himself with HEAVEN'S A LIE. A lightning-paced noir tale with shatteringly tender moments, the book had me losing sleep as I rooted for tough, whip-smart, big-hearted Joette Harper— my favorite heroine in quite a while."

– ALISON GAYLIN, internationally bestselling author of IF I DIE TONIGHT

"Stroby remains at the top of his game. ... His prose is as clean, lean and mean as ever."

""Tough and touching...Blue collar grit meets noir, then takes a wild turn down the finders-keepers crime alley.... HEAVEN'S A LIE has primal appeal, a perfect read in this wobbly world."

- JOE R. LANSDALE, author of Edgar Award-winning THE BOTTOMS and the HAP & LEONARD series

"Wallace Stroby is the real thing, a writer who channels two of the best Raymonds – Chandler and Carver."


"Stroby continues to prove himself one of the finest crime authors working today."

"An old school thriller with both smarts and heart."

"Wallace Stroby is a master of propulsive narrative and stunning action sequences. If you love supercharged suspense, strap in for a ride with his newest creation, Ray Devlin, the haunted ex-mercenary who is the heart and soul of SOME DIE NAMELESS."

"With surgically precise prose, Wallace Stroby has created a story as fast, emotionally engaging, as richly detailed and riveting as any novel I've read in years. I would have consumed SOME DIE NAMELESS in a single sitting except I had to keep getting up and walking around the room to catch my breath. I've been a Stroby fan for a while, but this novel is by far his most ambitious and his most impressive. From the first scene to the last, this book never slows down or disappoints. A deeply satisfying read."


"Stroby keeps the adrenaline flowing page after page. Timely, exciting and shrewd ... prime crime fiction."

"Stroby, already a crime fiction luminary, is channeling his inner Elmore Leonard more and more these days, and this time he's headed to Leonard's old stomping grounds, a Florida populated by rogues, reporters, and mercenaries. Expect quality thrills and action."

"With SOME DIE NAMELESS Wallace Stroby has achieved the rare feat of combining the complexity and tension of a whodunit mystery with the suspense and action of one of the most dynamic thrillers in years. Stroby’s taut prose and authentic characters keep the twists and turns coming, culminating in an explosive ending that kept me thinking about the book long after I finished it.”

– PAUL GUYOT, executive producer NCIS: NEW ORLEANS

"A must-read for lovers of thrillers, crime, and noir."

"His best book to date ...You’ll be amazed."

"Wallace Stroby is one of the hottest crime fiction writers working today. He’s fast becoming a national treasure."

"Stroby is a master of the high-octane crime novel, a perfect combination of pace and atmospherics .... (This) might also be Stroby’s great tribute to journalism... His enduring respect for the craft gives the story an extra jolt of intensity. "

"Stroby takes on the political thriller and keeps it real and gritty "

"Stroby continues to prove himself one of the finest crime authors working today."

"A thriller with heart and soul and brawn."

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